Managing Director

The Opportunity
lob Title: Managing Director
Division: Euro SME Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Reporting to: The Shareholders
Direct/Indirect reports: 1,000
Location: Shah Alain, Malaysia
Established in 1999, Euro SME is the largest flexible film manufacturer in South-East Asia,
spanning across 500,000 Sq Ft of combined production and storage facilities and a monthly
production capacity of 3500 MT. We export 250+ containers a month of polythene based
packaging and consumable to the world’s leading retailers.
As part of the global Euro Packaging Group of companies, Euro SME provides value added
packaging solutions by employing more than 800 staff members.
The forward plan is:
l To continue to invest in infrastructure as well as the business (R&D etc.) to drive
competitive advantage
l To continue to invest and evolve our offering
l To build on the growth platform of a loyal customer base in both operating models
l Attract new customers and enter new markets
The appointee will have full commercial accountability Euro SME Sdn Bhd, reporting directly to
the owners, the core task will be to drive the company vision and values in order to inspire the
people to meet the ambitious growth targets.
Th e ro I e
l Accountable for the overall strategy, operational effectiveness and total profitability of the
business in order to help realise the family’s aspirations.
l Provide leadership for Euro SME’s continued development with a focus on sustainable,
profitable growth. Ensure that the company’s people, organisational and manufacturing
infrastructure keeps up with the rapid pace of top line growth. Demonstrate leadership in
adherence to high standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.
l Through prudent use of capital, deliver sustainable operational advantage and efficiencies
across the existing businesses.
l Fully accountable for the performance and ongoing competitive market position based on
innovation in quality, design, delivery and customer focus.
l Ensure that the Group’s culture and values are maintained and further strengthened among
the employees and also in all dealings with the customers.
The immediate priorities of the appointee would be:
l Immersion in the business – fully understand its DNA and its culture. Establish credentials,
authority and confidence with the owners and devise a strong working relationship with
l Gain an immediate understanding of current company performance including trading
patterns with the major customers and the current market dynamics. Build a clear picture
of the competitive landscape and begin to anticipate trends and exploit opportunities while
minimising threats.
l Provide inspirational leadership and motivate the team to devise and deliver against
ambitious but stretching targets in the current budget year.
l Establish oneself as the ‘figurehead’ of the business both internally and with customers and
Going forward:
l Own the budget and performance objectives for the existing financial year – quickly grasp
the performance levers and begin to construct the plan for next year.
l Work with the owners and the executive team to continue to evolve and refresh the strategic
plan, which balances the drive to grow revenues alongside prudent control of the cost base
and a sensible use of resources. Strengthen and continue to modernise the supply chain
functions and explore ways to professionalise the operations further. Develop the
processes, systems and leadership capabilities that will underpin Euro SME’s continuing
l Refine, develop and implement a 2018/ 19 plan to achieve key financial targets with regard
to sales (up to £5om) by continuing to lead the market on quality, service and innovation.
l Review the quality and depth of management. Become clear as to what needs to be done
further to strengthen the existing business over the medium term and build succession
l Oversee presentation of budgets to include sales forecasts, profit plans, staffing
requirements, cost drivers and cash flow projections.
l Examine plans for future growth in key markets including an acquisition strategy.
The candidate
Core l Results orientated strategic leader: highly analytical, capable of trend and insight
competencies management of complex multi-dimensional market dynamics. A track record of leading
sustainable profitable growth in a £50 turnover business in a highly competitive market by
finding a value added point of difference which creates competitive advantage. Led second
and third phase growth by staying with a business for longer periods to prove capability.
l Strategic and operational: effectively deals with complexity across a variety of challenges
including multiple offerings and multi customers. Able to deal with strategy, people,
commercials, culture and change in parallel – a strategist and tactician, an effective leader
and figurehead but is also hands on and grounded.
l Drive and Resilience: desire and a passion to succeed and treat the business as one’s own.
Ability to deal with setbacks and unplanned occurrences. Mature, pragmatic and logical
leader with high integrity.
l Commercial Understanding: commercially aware of the impact of decisions and the ability
to apply a realistic assessment on risk and necessity. Experience in a market dominated by
progressive customers in an environment where key account management, effective sales
and marketing initiatives, cost control and a quality service are key to success.
l Financially Literate: Used to managing a complex P&L and balance sheet; experienced in
budgets including Ro1 led capital expenditure and ideally with some exposure to Mergers
l Communication and Influence: trust in core team; prepared to delegate responsibility and
authority whilst providing guidance and leadership through excellent communication skills.
Strong people focused leader who commands immediate respect among colleagues and
builds effective teams. Comfortable in managing the dynamics of an independent company.
l Agent for Change: champion for continuous improvement with proven flexibility and open
mindedness; has vision and can bring people along through persuasive and credible
l External face: Customer focused but decisive, is able to hold their own, and Demonstrates
the ability to lead from the front and get involved with customers in a sector in which
integrity and strong personal relationships with key customers are important.
l An experienced and hands-on Managing Director, with experience in leading a multi-
Experience functional senior team. Strong and proven commercial leadership abilities, understands the
required mechanics of tight cost

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