Commi 1 Hot/Cold range

chkshaws (Pvt Ltd.

Commi 1 Hot/Cold Range – The Lakeside at N uwarawewa
The Lakeside at Nuwarawewa, is the largest hotel in Anuradhapura and enjoys a reputation for serving good food. We are
looking for experienced and energetic professionals to join our team with the following experience and expertise as
Commi l in both Hot and Cold Ranges;

1) Have training from a recognized Hotel training school in Kitchen operations.

2) have at least two years experience as Commi lin a star rated hotel with thorough working knowledge in your area

of specialization.

3) Be a team player and able to supervise those working under you,

4) Be able to work under pressure and yet produce excellent results consistently.

1) To be able to operate in the kitchen expeditiously, hygienically and within budget.

2) To ensure that all food prepared by you is to the highest standards in terms of taste, texture and hygiene.

3) To be creative in improving the menu and levels of service.
Please email your CV stating expected salary and naming two nonrelated referees familiar with your work to the address
below by the 7’“ August 2018.
Accommodation and food will be provided at the hotel.
The Executive Group HR,
E mail:

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