Call For Proposals For The Baseline survey

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Call for Proposals to conduct the Baseline survey for Child Protection and
Education Project – Mulaithivu
Abhimana CDA is a Non- Profit, Non-Govemmental Organization engaged in
humanitarian programs through child focused development programs. The organization
established in 2007 by initiating child sponsorship programs in Dambulla, Palugaswewa,
Galenbindunuwewa, and Siyambalanduwa DS divisions. And Disaster risk reduction and
child protection project in Puththukudiiruppu DS division in Mullathiuve district. It
serves over 2100 needy children and their families in enhancing the quality of health,
education and social wellbeing, in Palugaswewa and Galenbindunuwewa DS divisions
in Anuradhapura district, Dambulla DS division in Matale District, Puththukudiirupu DS
division in Mullathivu and Siyambalanduwa DS division in Monaragala district, in their
health, education and social wellbeing.
The purpose of the consultancy is to gather baseline information to be used in the final
evaluation and impact assessment of the project “School based violence prevention” once
the project is over against the indicators specified in the respective project log-frame.
Expected Output:
At the completion of the survey, the service provider will deliver:
1. Progress report of the survey immediate after the data collection
11. Detailed report on baseline information including the survey design, sampling
plan methodology and analysis of data
111. Electronic files with all raw data (in MS excel formats)
IV. Sofi copy and 3 hard copies of the final report in English
Scope of work
Specific activities include but are not limited to:
1. Develop survey design and methodology
11. Develop data collection plan
111. Develop data collection instruments
IV. Field testing of data collection tools
V. Primary data collection
Vl. Develop data analysis plan
Vll. Summarize and analyze the collected data
Vlll. Develop final survey report and survey questionnaire and other tools
Duration of Service
Assessment reports needs to be submitted to Abhimana Community development
association within 4 weeks of signing of the contract.
Interested parties are requested to contact Chathurika Senevirathna sending an e-mail to to obtain further details of the survey such as project
description or for any clarification.
Please send your proposals with your CV and organization profile to the following postal
address or on or before 2oth of October 2018
Chief executive officer
94 mail post
Trincomalec road
Mobile; 0718723663
E-mail; J

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